Request a Letter!

​Since 2010 I have been allowing anyone to request a personal letter and a polaroid from me. Each letter is different and written to the requests of the recipient. I include an original Polaroid photo with each letter.

Request a Letter & a Polaroid ($20)

A Personal Letter & a Polaroid

May I write you a letter? A dirty letter (my favorite), a love letter, a letter full of advice, a letter filled with nonsense. Any letter you desire. Please let me write it. I will write it on the softest paper with my own unsteady hand. Along with your letter, you will also receive a carefully curated polaroid I've taken. This will be your very own, completely original Balthazar polaroid, signed and dated. I ask just a small fee to help pay for the polaroid film, which is quite pricey. Curious about what to expect? Check out some responses to my project.

Request a Letter

Curious about what the process of writing a letter looks like? Take a look...