Peek in the Mail - Dirty Photo Subscription

Get a Peek in the Mail! Sign up for a subscription of carefully curated naughty photos in the mail.

Art in your mailbox once a month.

This is your chance to see photos that you'll never see on my website.

Yes. Secret photos. 

I get tired of ethereal photos. I need photos I can touch. To cover my walls with them. To flip through them in bed at night.

Maybe you like pretty, dirty things that you can touch, too. It’s for people like you and me that I’ve started a new service. 

What you get:

Who should subscribe:

  • Amorous couples, people who are serious about blushing, inspiration seekers, tender perverts, studious voyeurs. And you,  the one no one would guess entertains lusty thoughts (don't worry, your secret's safe with me).

Why you should subscribe:

  • This is the only way to see these intimate photos I've taken.
  • These are personally curated for you by me. This means that each month I'll be thinking of you and what photos you might love. No one gets the exact same selections.
  • You will swoon over how soft the photos feel in your hands.
  • You need some exciting mail. I know you do.

Not convinced? I like a challenge. Dip your toes in for a one month subscription and if you're not thrilled by what you receive I will send you some different photos or refund you, your choice. 

Peek in the Mail - Dirty Photo Subscription
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Dirty Photo Subscription FAQ

  • What is this dirty photo subscription all about? I was inspired by old dirty magazines where you often find ads in the back to get sexy photos in the mail. In the age before the internet and cable, this was an exciting service. So why do it now when anyone can find all the dirty photos they could possibly want with very little effort? First, I think that dirty photos arriving via mail can be surprising and thrilling because we mostly view images on screens. The experience of touching a photograph is different than the experience of viewing a photo on a screen. Also, mail itself is almost a novelty now and I think for that reason can be very powerful.
  • What kind of photos will I get with my subscription? I say “dirty photos” a bit tongue in cheek because I honestly don’t think that any of my photos are dirty. However, I think they can still be provocative, and sexy, and hopefully inspire you (and maybe even turn you on). You can get a sense of the kinds of photos you might get by looking at the photos I’ve posted on my blog over the years. However, the photos I send for my subscriptions are almost always photos I’ve never posted to my blog (secret photos!).
  • Can I request certain kinds of photos? Yes! I am a servant to your dirty tastes. I can’t guarantee that I will always be able to give you what you want, but I will do my very best. For example, perhaps you want shots of men or you’re a person who is fond of butts (me too!). Let me know and I will keep your naughty whims in mind when I choose your photos!