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You're no match for her. You should know that upfront. 

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I saw James Tate and Gombrowicz on her shelves and I knew that she wasn't messing around.

by Balthazar

Some instant feelings

While two of my primary Polaroid cameras are broken (and another is temperamental if not downright grumpy) and I've not been able to take any Polaroids in the last month or so, they still hold my heart. Here are some that I've taken in recent months that I've been a bit neglectful about sharing. Enjoy, friends.

P.S. Don't forget that you can get a polaroid and letter of your very own

by Balthazar

Even the tiles had to agree

Her curves were more convincing than their 

| straight |

| lines |

And when she

(bent over)

I heard them gasp and whisper,

"Show us your way."
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by Balthazar

I wanted to know all her secrets

Just whisper them to me while I take a nap in your hair.
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by Balthazar

Big, beautiful, beatific laugh

A dream sequence

Afterwards you slid on a old slip and some cowboy boots and walked me to my car. There was a wide expanse of parking lot between you and everything that came after you. I took a 250 mile detour to get here, but I didn’t tell you that. Anyway, it didn’t really matter because I didn’t have anywhere to be, and I did tell you that. You squeezed my arm asked if I still had that little orange blimp that I flew around during the street fairs I worked. “Clemente? Yeah, but I gotta take her in get her fixed.” You asked me to wait and ran back to your pad. The sun was coming up behind the Denny’s, and I felt free that you were still so warm and wild and beautiful. You remembered the best parts of everything, and I felt good that I knew that.

Your boots clicking was the only sound in the neighborhood as you ran up, kissed me and shoved some bills in my pocket, “for Clemente.” I’m touched and pull you to me tightly. There’s always a part of me that wonders if any particularly generous moment is the time for a grand gesture. A sign to cool my jets and live in the softness. But, there, I never wanted to see your face in anything but that big, beatific laugh that made me feel so amazing. So I keep saying goodbye.
— Text by S.M. Simões
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by Balthazar

Balthazar's B Sides

I'm about to start something new: Balthazar's B Sides. A weekly email with curated photos from my archive that I've not shown before. It's an email that's not going to ask you to do a damn thing. Except to look and enjoy. Starting in July 2014.

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by Balthazar

She's midwest royalty

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by Balthazar

Furs and gold

"I have lots of fur coats and gold that I like to roll around naked in," she said.

Tell me there's something better someone can say to you and I'll call you a liar.

As you can see, she wasn't kidding.

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by Balthazar

She'll make you dizzy

And like a dervish you'll want to cultivate that sensation of oblivion. 

Don't ever stop spinning, darling.

Try to stay focused. She's about to show you so much more...

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by Balthazar

Some more angles (curves)

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by Balthazar