​About Sonia & Balthazar and the art that they make.

Sonia & Balthazar. We are partners in art and life. We explore and create together.


Principal photographer, letter writer, voyeur.

I am curious about hidden things: people’s inner lives, their secrets, their bodies. Photography is an extension of my curiosity and a tool for me to learn more about people.  My favorite pastime is taking polaroids and sending them with letters to people all over the world. 

(Photo by SM Simões)

A video about my work ↓

SM Simões

Model, writer, stylist, muse.

I live in a bordertown between longing and satisfaction.  My words and images are inspired by dreams, pulp novels, and Taschen coffee table books.  My compulsion to plumb the seamy depths of human desire has had me digging through the trash in motel bathrooms and living out Lou Reed’s Berlin album song by song.  My art reflects the joy in my saudade.  Join the stream of my consciousness on Twitter @gloriawandrous

 (Photo by Balthazar)


We make our home in Brooklyn, NY.